Bank Indonesia Make PR as a Part of Policy

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Sempat tergagap menghadapi era digital, Departemen Komunikasi BI segera berbenah dan berevolusi.

Although Bank Indonesia (BI) is known as an institution with a capable communication team, who would have guessed that Bank Indonesia was clueless when entering the digital era.

BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – “Bank Indonesia as a central bank also experienced difficulty when facing digital development, especially us who are in the communication unit. Internet is indeed like a game,” said Junanto Herdiawan, Director of Communication Department of Bank Indonesia, while speaking at one of the conference sessions at PR INDONESIA Jamboree (JAMPIRO) #5 in Bali on Tuesday (29/10/2019). He then likens the internet like a game in the TV series Game of Thrones.

They then immediately improved and evolved. According to Junanto, in the digital era, public relations (PR) is not only building a brand but also participate in building reputation and company policy. “A good communication and reputation will support the public’s expectation in accepting the policy and product that are being offered,” said Junanto who at that evening raised the theme “The Credibility of BI Policy in the Digital Era”. Hence, in this era, information that provides literation for stakeholders becomes BI’s communication strategy.

In addition, PR is also in a strategic position in the organization and given broad access, even up to the CEO level. “PR must always be next to the CEO, even when the CEO is making decisions. The purpose is so that we know the story behind every company policy. So, when there’s a hoax we can give an answer quickly and clearly,” he explained. Junanto is lucky because Perry Warjiyo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, is a leader that concerns about the role and function of PR. He even views PR as a part of the policy.

Use All Channels

Back to the digital issue, in delivering messages to the stakeholders, Junanto and the BI Communication Department team uses multichannel. “We do not only maximize online communication, but also offline communication. We integrate every BI message through various connections, interactions, and relations,” he said. The various communication channels require PR to be able to determine the communication purpose with the right tactic and strategy. Moreover, every communication channels have particular characters and the target audience. “That’s why, language choice and communication style are important parts in using social media,” he said.

In order to respond to the dynamic change in the digital era, he also encouraged all PR practitioners to synergize and collaborate in building communication. (mai)