Public Relations Scheme Affects Public Perception

PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, November 04, 2019
Kenali dulu latar belakang perkembangan isu.

Media communication strategy and public perception become a barometer of public relations (PR) in handling sensitive issues.

BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – This was stated by Rahmad Widiana, Head of Publication Management Division, Communication and Information Service Bureau of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), while speaking at the Government PR class as a part of PR INDONESIA Jamboree (JAMPIRO) #5 even series in Bali on Wednesday (30/10/2019).

He shared his experience with the Ministry of Finance PR team in dealing with the issue of government debt which at the time received a lot of attention from the public. According to Rahmad, identify the background of the development of the issue first.

First, political communication. Especially in managing and facing attacks from pressure groups and individuals such as NGOs, think tank institutions, and the opposition. Second, communicate to the public. There is still a mixed public understanding of debt management and financial institutions.

Third, media needs education. Diverse knowledge of the media. Not all media understand debt management interpretation. Fourth, negative news. Fifth, viral. Neutral news become viral news because there are negative sentiments from the less educated netizens and ultimately affects the public.


Furthermore, PR must improve the functions and benefits of the media to ensure the message is delivered well to the target audience. “It’s important for PR to build and maintain a good engagement with the media. So, we can ensure that the public received information as we expected,” he said.

They are also a bridge between institutions to increase positive image, in this case, the Ministry of Finance, both in terms of management and utilization of government debt in front of the stakeholders. And, a part of the institution’s effort to educate the public from various circles or professions regarding the management and utilizing of government debt.

Another thing to do is the optimization of digital campaigns. Improve the activity on the timeline, improve social media account by synergizing between units. Add more agents of communication, substance development, and maximize media social content. “Optimize all digital assets. Therefore, as PR we must keep learning, exploring creativity, and don’t stop innovating,” he said.

To conclude, Rahmad shared five steps of communication process through media relation to minimize issue circulation. Such as:

Media visit. Media visit needs to be done to maintain good relation with the editor in chief and their team, as well as explore potential cooperation opportunities.

Media gathering and editors meeting. The aim is to deliver a message regarding plans and strategies.

Media partner. Collaboration to make good news viral through articles and infographics in the offline and online media.

Foreign media. Publication through international media such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

Key opinion leader. Collaboration with KOL such as economists and community leaders. (mai)