Should PR be Honest?

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Sejatinya pihak yang harus mengatakan sebenarnya adalah perusahaan itu sendiri.

The digital era makes PR no longer able to easily manage public perception of the company. Is tell the truth, nothing but the truth principle can still be held firmly?

BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – The digital era makes information circulate fast. This condition makes every person, including the company where we work felt like being supervised at all times. This situation certainly has an impact on credibility, reputation, and public trust.

To respond to this, according to Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, founder of the International Public Relations Summit (IPRS), PR needs to be more transparent and speak as it is. “Tell the truth, nothing but the truth,” she said while speaking at the conference session at the PR INDONESIA Jamboree (JAMPIRO) #5 in Bali on Wednesday (29/10/2019).

If there is a concern that the truth will harm the company, public relations (PR) must ensure the company, what kind of truth is actually desired. Also, tell the risks that will be faced if the company does not provide an actual statement to the public. “It is true that PR must represent the company to speak, but actually the party that has to say is actually the company itself,” she said.

Remember, Elizabeth said, reputation can be formed, but can be felt by the stakeholders. Meanwhile, it takes a long time to achieve the reputation. A good reputation will be destroyed if the company lies to the public even only once. (den)