Breaking Myths about PR

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Digital is a must, tapi jangan hanya berfokus pada digital, PR sebagai strategic management function

The figure who has been active in the PR world for almost 30 years also said that there are a number of myths that need to be broken down by PR in this digital era. What are those?

BALI, PRINDONESIA.CO – Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, founder of International Public Relations Summit (IPRS), explained thoroughly at the PR INDONESIA Jamboree (JAMPIRO) #5 conference session in Bali on Wednesday (29/10/2019). First, that PR activities are currently focused on digital. “This is not entirely true,” said Elizabeth firmly. In fact, not all PR issues can be handled with digital solutions. “Digital is a must, but don’t just focus on digital, but PR as a strategic management function,” she added.

Digital strategy has an effective role if intended for the public. Meanwhile, in several cases such as lobby, diplomacy, decisions, and high-level cooperation, face to face meetings remain important and necessary.

Second, that in this digital era the role of PR is decreasing. According to Elizabeth, this statement is once again wrong. The reason is that PR is the main competence. PR is the one who determines the direction and strategy for utilizing digital technology. “Don’t let it go the other way,” said the founder of EGA briefings.

Last, the role of content creators continues to increase. Elizabeth acknowledged this statement. “There is some truth to it, but we must not separate content creation from the entire PR work,” she advised. In fact, content creation must be one of the capabilities that every PR practitioner must-have.

To break a number of these myths, PR needs to have knowledge and communication technology skills. According to Elizabeth, communication technology can be a tool so that PR is not just communication. But, as well as utilizing technology to conduct research and measure PR campaigns that are personal to the stakeholders.

Digital Literacy

The challenge for PR to do all of the things mentioned above is fundamental changes. One of them is the position of content digital which is currently very important. “The PR Key performance index now has shifted. It is no longer chasing news, but brands,” said Elizabeth.

A brand becomes the character of the company that can’t be defined by words but with real actions. Digital literacy is one of the real actions that can be realized by PR in building a company brand or personal brand.

How to do it? First, be careful when writing or saying something in the cyberspace, because everything we have ever uploaded will become digital footprints. Second, build trust by teaching something that we truly master. Third, convey what is really done by the company to build trust in the company. Finally, tell the truth transparently to win the public trust. (den)