Millenials, What are You Looking For?

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, November 15, 2019
Gaji bukan menjadi yang utama.
Ratna/PR Indonesia

The era has changed. In the past, it was the employee candidates who “sold” their profile history to the company. Today, it’s the opposite. It’s the company that “sells” its vision and mission to the employee candidates. Many CEO are complaining, “It’s so difficult to recruit millennial and make them stay!”

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – As stated by Johnny Widodo, CEO of BeliMobilGue in front of the participants of “CEO Power Breakfast: Preparing Retail and F & B Organization for Scalable Growth” in Jakarta on Friday (15/11/2019). “Today, as a CEO who represents the company that has to explain to employee candidates about who we are. We must also clearly state the company’s vision and mission ahead. I even said, “You wanna learn, come and join with us”,” he said.

Today, employees or employee candidates have experienced a shift in expectations of a company. Like the result of Michael Page’s research recently that was shared by Imeiniar Chandra, Associate Director of Michael Page Indonesia at the event organized by Talenta by Mekari.

The result, the citizens of this country tend to be positive in welcoming 2020. It is recorded that 58 percent of respondents believed they will get bigger work opportunities abroad. While 73 percent of respondents believed they will get a new job within three months. And 61 percent believed they will receive a better offer next year.

The impact of that, 91 percent of respondents did not hesitate to leave if they get a better offer, unhealthy work culture, and leadership style that is not in accordance with the principle they adhere to.

On that occasion, Imeiniar also revealed the top five positions that were considered by job seekers, especially millennials, in accepting job offers. Interestingly, salary is not ranked number one. The first rank is work culture and dynamic. Second, employee benefits. Third, the opportunity to get new challenges. Fourth, the opportunity to maximize competence and self-ability. Fifth, money or salary.

Suwandi Soh, CEO of Mekari agrees. “We also encountered similar conditions in the field. What they are looking for is the impact they can externally give, the opportunity for self-growth and the certainty of career advancement. Therefore, one of the things that companies must do is communicating from the outset the impact of their work on society,” he said.

Grow Together

These steps have been done by Kopi Kenangan. The fast-growing startup company that engages in the food and beverage sector always ensures their employees can grow together and make an impact. “We implement a work culture where they can easily give inputs, suggestions, and ideas to the C-level,” said James Prananto, co-founder and COO of Kopi Kenangan.

That way, a sense of pride is expected to grow. “What is actually millennials' purpose of using social media?” James asked. “Basically to show that they are proud. Proud to be able to ravel, proud to be able to eat this and that. Including proud of the company they work for. Proud because they can give contribution and impact to the company,” James added.

The company which has been operating since 2017 also ensures that better business growth can be experienced together. “We give incentive, training, to certification. That way, they can feel that the company runs the business fairly, making sure that their career can improve. So when they move to other companies they can get a better position,” he said.

This added value is what caught the attention of job seekers so that they are interested in becoming a part of Kopi Kenangan. James admitted that many of his employees were former employees of big companies. “The reason for joining mostly is because here they can innovate with the C-suite, a condition that was possible to do when they were working at their previous company. Although with a lower salary, he concluded.

So, the research shared by Michael page earlier is answered and proven. (rtn)