9 Habits of

PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Kesalahan terbesar yang dilakukan organisasi adalah menempatkan orang yang salah di tempat yang salah.

The Covid-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for the acceleration of digital transformation. The process, which was estimated to take up to years, took only 2-3 months. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – This condition encourages companies/organizations to develop a lean and curious working culture. As done by Telkomsel. Although, Denny Abidin, VP Corporate Communication of Telkomsel which is Telkom’s subsidiary and a market leader in the country, said that it does not mean that they did not perform cultural change and development.   

According to him, the effort to make a lean organization in this digital transformation era is a manifestation of the organization's desire to continue learning. "Sometimes, big organizations like Telkomsel are always said to be leading the industry. However, there is one thing that we still cannot leave behind. Namely, the desire to continue learning," said Denny while speaking at the webinar The NextDev Hub Virtual Talks #3 Special Edition titled "Leading Innovation: Developing a Lean and Curious Culture" on Thursday (27/8/2020). 

To create a lean organization, Telkomsel is implementing nine habits that they learned from stakeholders in responding to digital transformation. First, they must be a good listener. Second, they must look at others with respect and equality. Third, they must be willing to fail. Fourth, they must be reliable.  

Fifth, always seek improvement all the time. Employees are required to be more efficient, increase productivity, cut bureaucracy, and run processes faster. Sixth, being supportive or supporting each other. Seventh, measure the results. Eighth, want to acknowledge other people's work and give awards. Nine, the leader must understand the process and have experience before deciding anything.  

According to Denny, the biggest mistake organizations make is putting the wrong people in the wrong place. "Therefore, we have to collaborate, find the right and best people in that place. It can be from outside experts or anywhere," he said. This new habit must also be embedded and become part of every activity of public relations (PR) practitioners in building relationships and communication with both internal and external stakeholders.   

Four Pillars 

There are four pillars that companies must do to form a lean organization that always has a strong curiosity. First, mutual respect. This includes respecting equality and an open mindset.   

Second, think scientifically. "Sometimes we often forget things that are scientific when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. We tend to think only about costs," Denny added.  

Third, enterprise alignment. This is related to being consistent in achieving company goals. When the company is committed to transforming, it means that the seriousness must be done consistently. Starting from the lowest level employees to the highest management. "Leaders must set targets based on experience, adopt a top-down culture and understand the process below," he said. 

Fourth, it must be based on results-oriented. There is no excuse for a transforming company to abandon its targets. "Whatever the process is running, the company must remain oriented towards the results," he said, firmly. (ais)