This is the Key to Successfully Performing Zoominar

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, June 18, 2020
Zoominar dapat dikatakan menarik apabila kontennya inspiratif, eksklusif, memberikan tutorial serta menghadirkan pembicara yang bagus.

Activities ranging from meetings, discussions, seminars, to digital training via Zoom have become a trend since everyone is required to do more activities at home during the pandemic. This phenomenon is captured by IMOGEN PR.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Through the Imogen Communications Institute (ICI), they conducted a survey on public preferences for using Zoom as a seminar platform and online class.

The reason for choosing Zoom as the subject of the survey, according to Jojo S. Nugroho, Managing Director of IMOGEN PR, was based on the Statqo Analysis research in March 2020 which was launched by Bisnis Indonesia. The research mentioned Zoom listed as the most popular video conference application in Indonesia. The number of users as of March 27, 2020, reached 257,853. Even according to Sensor Tower research, in April 2020 Zoom was able to outperform the use of the Tiktok and Instagram applications. It was so often that various activities were done via Zoom, hence the new term zoominar.

The survey was conducted on 100 respondents. The age range of respondents is 25 - 35 years. The survey was conducted throughout Indonesia during May 2020. As a result, 56 percent of respondents were interested in attending paid web-based seminars. With notes, the price is cheap, affordable, and attractive. While 44 respondents prefer to follow the free webinars.

Of the total 56 respondents, there was 60 percent who were willing to take part in paid webinars with prices ranging from Rp. 100 - 200 thousand. Only 13 percent of respondents were willing to spend a budget of Rp 200-500 thousand. Less than 8 percent asked for a price of less than Rp 100,000. Also, 10 percent of respondents choose not to participate in a zoominar if they have to pay.

From Content to Hours

As many as 60 percents of respondents said that an interesting zoominar is one that has inspirational content (offering new things that keep them motivated), 51 percent thought the content was exclusive (good, different and rarely found elsewhere), 50 percent of respondents found it interesting if the content provides tutorials and technical guidance (teaches a step-by-step method of doing something). Lastly, 31 percent of respondents viewed a zoominar as interesting when the speaker is awesome (able to bring good speakers, difficult to access, and famous in their field).

So, when is the best time to hold a zoominar? As many as 38 percents of millennial respondents voted at 7 p.m. and 32 percent of other age respondents chose 10 a.m. While the ideal duration if holding a zoominar ranges from 1-2 hours. (ais)