The 2019 PRIA Testimonials: It Is Like a Trial

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Jadikan PRIA sebagai ajang untuk mendapat umpan balik.
Aisyah/PR Indonesia

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - Ike Yuningsih, Public Relations Lead of Quipper Indonesia, who presented a successful video that was able to make the judges to be teary eyed, claiming to feel like she was undergoing a trial during judging process. "Especially, one of the judges, Ms. IrwaZarkasi, is my lecturer when I was still in college," she told PR INDONESIA in Jakarta on Wednesday (06/03/2019).

The woman who presented two subcategories at once, PR programs and marketing, was increasingly challenged when she had to simplify the message from startup companies engaged in technology-based education (edutec) to be easily accepted by the judges.

Meanwhile for WibawaGumbira, Head of Subdivision of Information Analysis of Public Relations at the Regional Secretariat of the Kuningan District Government, West Java, presenting before the 2019 PRIAjudges became his first experience. Although it was the first time, he admitted that he was relieved because the program presented by Wakuncar Hani had received a positive appreciation from the judges. "I am proud and moved. Especially because our regency is at the most end of the West Java Province which PAD is small, and today we can stand in a national level competition,"he said.

He was also grateful that through this event, they received a lot of input and encouragement from the judges so that the program would develop and bring not only local but also national tourist. He hoped that this competition would be more socialized to the regions so that more participants from the regions can participate in this event.

This year is also the first experience for Citibank Indonesia to join the 2019 PRIA competition. In line with the others, Elvera N. Makki, Director of Corporate Affairs of Citibank Indonesia, also made this forum as a place to measure and get input or feedback from the public, in this case the judges are experts in their respective fields. "The presentation can provide an opportunity for both parties, both participants and judges, to understand and explore the program so that the judging becomes more comprehensive," she said.

However, she suggested that in the future the next year's presentation session would be held in a closed manner. The best practice presentation is openly conducted specifically for the best participants at the peak of the event. "Because when judging there are times when the material presented is confidential data, especially those related to crisis or issue management," she said. (rtn/ais/ika)