Effective Communication, The Way to Overcome the Pandemic

PRINDONESIA.CO | Saturday, November 28, 2020
Humas pemerintah sebagai garda terdepan, tak hanya bertugas sebagai penyuplai informasi kepada publik, tapi juga memastikan semua informasi yang ke luar satu suara.
Dok. Istimewa

The ability of government public relations (PR) to build public communication is increasingly being tested during a pandemic. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  The dynamics of case developments during the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted the central and regional governments to move quickly and be responsive. Consequently, there are many policies, regulations, to new messages and information. Government public relations as the front line, not only serves as a supplier of information to the public, but also ensures that all information is consentient, promotes messages that reflect a caring, unified, and optimistic government. 

In addition, they must also ensure that the packaging of messages/information is made according to the characteristics of the intended communication channel, it must reach all levels of society, easy to understand, absorb, and even encourages action or behavior change. Various tactics and breakthroughs must be carried out. Starting from translating foreign terms, health, complex procedures, to localizing content.  

Communication strategies and tactics must also be adapted to the psychological state of society.