Round Up: Reading Gen Z’s Sense of Communication

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, August 13, 2021
Untuk bisa merangkul Gen Z, kita harus memastikan setiap konten memuat tiga unsur: singkat, seru, dan penuh informasi.

The existence of Gen Z adds color to the world of communication today. The distinctive characteristics of this generation are also a challenge for public relations (PR) practitioners. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Especially in building communications, finding communication strategy, making the right program/activation according to their needs. Moreover, based on the Population Sensus (SP2020) from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the proportion of generation Z in Indonesia reached 27.94%, exceeding the millennial generation (25.87%) 

It is so unique that Hill+Knowlton (H+K) Strategies released the result of the study “The Youth Equation” in conjunction with the first anniversary of the agency that is based in New York, United States, which enlivened the Indonesian market. There are five findings. First, Gen Z in Indonesia considers social media as a medium to engage in communication. While the contents that attract Gen Z the most are funny memes, parodies, rude jokes videos, and sarcasm. 

Second, the generation born in 1997-2012 dares to defend and voice opinions that they thought were true. Third, digital platform and social media is subculture platform for personal interests. Fourth, supporting a brand that has a strong purpose. Fifth, adjust the way to communicate so that it resonates with them.