Krishna, ICON PR INDONESIA 2020 - 2021: Not an Ordinary Public Relations Officer

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, December 18, 2020
Komunikasi menjadi bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari setiap kebijakan yang diambil oleh Kemenkeu.
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Krishna was determined not to become an ordinary ASN. This commitment he showed through a myriad of creations and appreciation. One of them is as the first winner of ICON PR INDONESIA 2020 - 2021. 


Krishna Pandu Pradana, ICON PR INDONESIA 2020 - 2021 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – In fact, the urge to become a servant of the country did not initially come from personal desire, but from his father. He was sometimes plagued by the negative stigma attached to government agencies. On the other hand, at that time he already had a job. 

Who would have thought, since joining as a General Functional Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) in 2010 until now, he is often trusted to work on various Ministry of Finance programs. He also had the opportunity to explore various ideas and creativity. One of them, and most memorable, was being involved in the creative team making the mannequin challenge at the end of 2016.