Get to Know Fadjroel Rachman, Spokesperson for the President

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Fadjroel Rachman, Jubir Presiden RI
Dok. CNN Indonesia

M. Fadjroel Rachman started his career in communication as a journalist. His passion for communication was evident when he was still a student at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – At that time, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of Ganesha ITB Magazine. While studying at ITB's Chemistry major, he also often wrote for Pikiran Rakyat and Kompas. "I often write about economic and legal issues," he said in the "Ngobrol di CPROCOM" (Chat at CPROCOM) event on Thursday (11/3/2021). 

Fadjroel then continued his master's education at the Department of Law, University of Indonesia. Even so, he never really left his interest in the world of communication. Because at that time he was known to be active as a TV and radio presenter. "After that, I followed my heart to take a doctoral program in the field of communication," he said. 

While undergoing his doctoral program, the universe supported Fadjroel to continue in the world of communication. Until finally, he was appointed as Presidential Spokesperson and Presidential Special Staff for Communications during the second term of President Joko Widodo's leadership. 

As a spokesperson, Fadjroel's main task is to maintain and increase trust towards the president. Based on a survey conducted internally, the current level of public trust in the President has reached 72 percent. It means, it's good enough. 

In order to maintain good trust, it is Fadjroel's job to be able to translate the president's directives to the 270 million Indonesian people who are known to be diverse in terms of cultural background, education, to age. It surely is not an easy task. Therefore, he calls this task a field of struggle. "I have to be able to convey a certain language, through a certain channel, to a certain audience," he said. 

From one president's message, the communication team must make a variety of strategies. Therefore, environmental, political, economic, social analysis is needed. Including, audience analysis, surveys, and public perceptions so that the communication team can implement the right communication strategy. 

Social Capital 

Fadjroel believes that there is one main asset that communication practitioners must have in order to support their roles and functions, namely social capital. According to him, social networks can benefit him in the future. "One day, you will do something with the people in your network," he said. 

He told the story when he first met President Jokowi at ITB in 2012. At that time, Jokowi was still the mayor of Solo. The meeting continued. Fadjroel became a volunteer who supported Jokowi to become Governor to President. Until finally, the president asked him to be the presidential spokesperson. 

Other important things, communication practitioners must master public speaking, the ability to debate, write, and analyze. Make these abilities the basis of professionalism. "In addition, we must also have the willingness to be more professional," he concluded. (rvh)