Tiara Kharisma, PR INDONESIA Fellowship Program 2020 - 2021: Maintaining Sanity

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, April 29, 2021
Keikutsertaannya dalam program beasiswa menulis buku garapan PR INDONESIA bertujuan untuk menjaga “kewarasan” di tengah padatnya aktivitas sebagai praktisi humas sekaligus menjalankan peran sebagai istri dan ibu.

What comes to mind when you hear the word archive? If the answer is the library materials stored in the library, then we, like the majority of society in general, have not correctly understood the true meaning of archives. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – According to the woman who has just been named as one of the recipients of the 2020-2021 PR INDONESIA Fellowship Program, archives and library materials are two very different things. Archives have particular characteristics, such as having to be authentic and trusted as legal evidence, complete information, and based on the principle of origin, and original rules. “The stigma associated with archive in the society is that they are only searching for their archive once it’s gone. And if they don’t need the archive, they forget where they put it,” he told PR INDONESIA via virtual, Monday (8/2/2021). 

Meanwhile, the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) is an institution which function is to protect, rescue, and manage these national-scale static archives. Now, increasing public understanding and awareness of the ANRI institution is also a challenge for Tiara Kharisma in the ten years of her work as an ANRI Young Public Relations Officer.  

Another assignment is to simplify various institutional and archival terms into a language that is easy for the public to understand, such as treasures, static archives, to dynamic archives. Because of this challenge, ANRI public relations practitioners need competencies that not only master the theory and basic science of public relations but also understand the meaning of archives and the substance of the ANRI institution itself.