Umar, ICON PR INDONESIA 2020 - 2021: Respecting Diversity

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, February 25, 2021
Berangkat dari latar belakang mahasiswa, Umar menganggap mahasiswa layaknya adik sendiri. Metode ini membuat upaya membangun komunikasi menjadi lebih mudah dan terasa akrab

Born with a special physical condition, did not make Umar despair. In fact, with his limitations, he was able to get out of his comfort zone. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – This is Umar. The man who is a staff of Public Relations and Protocol University of 17 August 1945 (UNTAG) Surabaya has just been named one of the five ICON PR INDONESIA 2020-2021. 

Umar was born and studied up to high school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His family is a supplier of labor in Saudi Arabia. "I go to school at the Jeddah Indonesian School," he said. 

Initially, he planned to return to Surabaya after graduating from elementary school. However, there were no public junior high schools that could accept students with disabilities, especially those with physical disabilities, such as Umar. He returned to Indonesia to study at UNTAG Surabaya because the campus carried the concept of diversity.