Round Up: Strategic Communication on COVID-19 Vaccination

PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, March 01, 2021
Perlu mitigasi isu dan riset sebelum menentukan program komunikasi yang tepat, sekalipun dilakukan di masa genting.

After ten months of trial and error in conducting public communication during the pandemic, Indonesia is entering a new phase: communicating the national COVID-19 vaccination program. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – The implementation of the initial stage of the COVID-19 vaccination in Indonesia has taken place on Wednesday (13/1/2021). Indonesian President Joko Widodo was the recipient of the first vaccine, followed by public officials, influencers, and of course the priority group: health workers. This enormous and time-consuming program required a structured and transparent communication strategy so that people are ready to volunteer for vaccinations.  

This public communication received special attention from the President. Because of its importance, the President even ordered the Minister of SOE and the Minister of Communication and Information Technology to prepare an appropriate communication strategy, several months before the implementation of the vaccination program. Later, the two ministries are tasked with conveying comprehensive information to the public regarding the benefits of vaccines and a road map for vaccination, so that there is no disinformation in the mass media and social media. 

From here, the President seems to be giving a strong signal that he does not want the failure of public communication to happen again. It is understandable because the vaccination program is the government's ultimate weapon to make the number of COVID-19 cases decrease and the country is free from the pandemic.