Totality in Using Momentum

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Ariana Soemanto, Kabag Komunikasi dan Informasi Publik Kementerian ESDM: Ketika kita mendorong transformasi media sosial, maka organisasi kita juga harus berubah.

Riding the wave strategy is considered to be the right way to simplify government policies which are often considered complicated for most people.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Just like the “Energi Berkeadilan” (Fair Energy) concept initiated by the Communication and Public Information Division of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) which strengthens with the hashtag #EnergiBerkeaDilan. Besides being relevant to the role of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, which is responsible for ensuring the availability of energy and mineral resources to all corners Indonesia at affordable and sustainable prices, this concept was also considered appropriate, because at that time the public was infatuated with the Dilan 1990 movie.

As a result, Twitter was filled with excitement. This step was effective in attracting the attention of the people. The same strategy was carried out again when the netizens were following the #10yearschallenge. “We are trying to translate the big program that is eye level to become common for the community, especially for the millennial generation,” said Ariana Soemanto, Head of Communication and Public Information Division of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in front of a panel of judges of PR INDONESIA Awards (PRIA) 2019 in Jakarta on Wednesday (6/3/2019).

Moreover, the effort to build awareness was followed up with sub-strategies that were divided into three segments, namely above the line, through the line, and below the line. Below are the explanations from Ari about the three strategies that have been carried out:

Above the Line

Above the line strategy is done by maximizing the official site of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as an opinion-leading tool by sharing at least three releases every day, doing “Silent” publication, and holding press conferences routinely and holding Friday Coffee event.

Through the Line

This strategy focused on the power of social media. “Since January 5, 2019, we upgrade our social media quality, especially Instagram. Until today, our Instagram account followers have reached 1.2 million followers. This number grew organically,” he said.

Various initiations and breakthroughs have changed the face of the Bureau to Bureau KLIK, which is an acronym for Kreatif (Creative), Lincah Inovatif (Agile Innovative), and Kekinian (Up-to-date). “When we encourage social media transformation, then our organization must also transform,” he said.

Below the Line

The activity started from ESDM Goes to Campus, Netizens Gathering, holding various interesting events and using the car-free day moment to holding exhibitions. (ais)