Understanding Social Media Characteristics for Maximal Use

PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Untuk menghasilkan konten yang berkualitas di Instagram, humas harus memperhatikan empat hal, yakni interaktif, autentik, tepat waktu, dan konsistensi.
Dok. Istimewa

Different social media platforms also have different characteristics and management strategies. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten by public relations (PR) practitioners, including government PR.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – This topic surfaced at the Government Digital Media Festival talk show session in Jakarta on Tuesday (10/12/2019). With the theme “Choosing the Right Social Media Platform to Deliver Information to the Public,” the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) as the organizer invited the participants who were government public relations across ministries, institutions, and regions to delve deeper into how to maximize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Especially the admin who manages the government social media accounts.

According to Noudhy Valdryno, Government Relations of Facebook Indonesia, to produce quality content, PR must pay attention to four things. First, the content presented must be interactive, not too rigid but still relevant to the related agency. Second, authentic. “It means, the content produced is not too much made up,” he said.

Third, be on time and try to upload the content as soon as possible. If the content is uploaded late, the impact will not benefit the audience. Last and foremost, consistency. “Every day, there are more than two billion contents uploaded on Instagram,” he said. “Try to upload no more than five times a day. Because if it’s more than that, it’s considered as spam,” Noudhy added.

Noudhy also emphasized the importance of maximizing the search feature, Instagram Stories, including using additional features in the application such as boomerang, stickers, questions, polling, to hashtag. Additionally, pay attention to the shape of the photo frame. It is better to upload pictures in the square form. Then, give a description that contains elements of a call to action.


Meanwhile, the social media platform which is quite popular among the millennials is Twitter. Its characteristics are also unique. According to Agung Yudha, Chief Representative of Twitter Indonesia, Twitter has four unique characteristics. First, it is live in which the time span of an issue only lasts between 3-4 hours, after that the information is stale. Second, conversational. Twitter is known as a place of people to chat, share information, and even discuss. Third, it is public. Therefore, he suggested that accounts belonging to government agencies not to be private. Lastly, distribution.

Agung then shared tips on maximizing the use of Twitter for government public relations. First, broadcast. Try to tweet as often as possible. Second, actively interact with the audience. “Use replies and likes as often as possible to keep the engagement with the audience,” he said.

Third, home for the topic. It means, be consistent in using language style and choose the topic of discussion. Four, piggyback on trend, or riding the issue that is being widely discussed to convey the institution’s message. With a note, stay relevant to the related agency. Last, drive impact with the media. “Keep in mind that the first three seconds of a video is very crucial,” he said.

Managing YouTube is also interesting. As the most popular social media platform today, YouTube has three advantages that can be utilized by government public relations, such as controlling issue that is circulation in online media, broadcasting life events, and interacting with the community. “YouTube is able to bring local creativity to the world until finally, the world recognizes the quality of Indonesia,” said Ryan Rahardjo, Public Policy and Government Affairs Manager of Google Indonesia. (ais)