CSR is the Communication Itself

PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, November 18, 2019
Aktivitas CSR harus bagian dari bisnis dan bukan porsi publisitas.
Dok. Traveloka

There is something interesting about the way Traveloka interprets corporate social responsibility. For the unicorn startup that engages in service provider technology that is closely related to travel and lifestyle, CSR is communication itself. It is ingrained in every line and business activity of the company.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Sufintri, Public Relations Director of Traveloka, when met by PR INDONESIA at the Most Values Business (MVB) Indonesia Sustainable Conference in Jakarta on Thursday (7/11/2019) said that in principle CSR activity is a part of Traveloka’s responsibility and commitment in carrying out good corporate governance (GCG), especially in the tourism sector. “Because, if we don’t care and contribute, then this tourism sector is collapsed, we can no longer do business in that sector. Therefore, for us, CSR must be a part of business.” She said.

Because it is a part of GCG and a form of responsibility, Traveloka considers CSR not to be a portion of publicity, let alone just to improve a good image and reputation to the public. “Positive reputation is just an outcome,” she added.

Even so, Traveloka keeps communicating CSR. But what needs to be emphasized is that not all communication ends in publicity or becomes a media relations domain. “Traveloka’s CSR communication is purely to build awareness, engagement and collaboration,” such as ensuring that they work with the right partners, have an understanding of the vision and mission, promoting CSR programs to bilateral partners, focus group discussion, event, and evaluation.

CSR awareness as a part of the business must be built in the internal of the company. It is PR's duty to lead and ensure that CSR becomes a part of business activity. “We have the duty as an ongoing advisory for business leaders in every division. We ensure every division/department makes CSR a part of business activity,” she said.

Traveloka began to focus on building its CSR into a framework this year. The company led by Ferry Unardi as the co-founder and CEO of Traveloka divided the sustainable CSR framework into three pillars, namely environment, economy, and culture. “It’s not that we have been ignoring CSR activities,” she added quickly. “We have been doing it, even since the company was born. Namely, providing solutions to the community which at the time had difficulty getting tickets at affordable prices – part of the economy pillar. The difference, now the CSR is more organized,” she said.

The environment pillar is focused on supporting the effort to reduce 30 percent of plastic waste by 2025, waste management, waste, pollution, and biological diversity. Meanwhile, the economy pillar includes the quality of labor, product and service, empowerment, and gentrification. The cultural pillar consists of preserving the site and cultural values, traditions, education, and culture promotion. (rtn)