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PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, July 27, 2017
Berkomitmen memajukan perempuan dalam sains.
Ratna/PR Indonesia

 JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO - Located in Building A of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), Jakarta, Wednesday (26/7/2017), the event that carries the fence TesyataSainsKeren this time Presents inspirational profiles in science, science experiment exhibitions and various workshops for students and teachers. The event is at the same time the culmination of L & rsquo; Or & eacute; al Girls in Science (LGIS) 2017. This year LGIS is holding the theme "Community Impact".

There were 50 proposals, all of which were female students, went to the committee's table. The number is then filtered to become eight finalists. They were the one who had the opportunity to showcase his work in front of the jury. SMA Pembangunan Jaya Jakarta with the project of pollutant masker from areng and aloe vera was chosen as the first winner of LGIS 2017. On that day, L'Or & eacute al Indonesia gave appreciation to Yonita Tyaslokita, teacher from SMA Pembangunan Jaya, As The Most Inspiring Teacher. & Nbsp;

& quot; L'Or & eacute; al is committed to advancing women in science. Provide space for women to have a real impact on the development of human life. We believe women in science can change the world, & quot; Said President Director L & rsquo; Or & eacute; al Indonesia Umesh Phadke. & Nbsp;

He added that the commitment continued with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between L & rsquo; Or & eacute; al Indonesia with Kemdikbud with the Directorate of SMK and the Indonesian National Commission for Unesco in order to improve the competence of vocational students of hair-specific class. As well, fun teaching teaching training for teachers working with Mattel. & Nbsp;

Phadke said, for more than 38 years developing the beauty industry in Indonesia, L'Or & eacute al realized the importance of regeneration. L'Or & eacute; al Science Fair is a manifestation of that continual commitment. & Nbsp;

According to Melanie Masriel, Head of Communications L & rsquo; Or & eacute; al Indonesia, the target of this program is not only the young generation in Jakarta, but throughout Indonesia. To achieve that mission, L & rsquo; Or & eacute al lndonesia brings the lnstagram @TeramataSainsKeren account as a medium to continue to socialize the power of science that can change the world. The account raises an inspirational profile, unique facts and other inspiring science information.

Step & nbsp; L & rsquo; Or & eacute; al Indonesia got Kemdikbud's appreciation. As expressed by Minister of Culture and Education Muhadjir Effendi in his speech read by Arief Rachman, Chairman of the Indonesian National Commission for Unesco. From this program, L'Or & eacute al Indonesia is able to show how exciting the world of science is.

& quot; The world today is changing very fast. Science is the solution. Science will help our lives. With the earth's sciences will be well preserved and bring our nation into a great nation, " He said. rtn