Start Writing, Now!

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, January 24, 2020
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For public relations (PR) practitioners, writing can be a disaster. Although it’s one of the basic skills that is required for us to have.

By Emmy Kuswandari, PR Practitioner, Global Communications of Asia Pulp & Paper Sinar Mas.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Writing is sometimes scary for many people, especially with minimal skills of writing. Even for PR practitioners, this could be a disaster. Although writing is one of the basic skills that we must have.

Why writing seems to be scary? The fear probably comes from a lack of reading. There’s no good writing without reading. Then, what about if there’s no idea or writer’s block? Reading is still the solution. Trust yourself. Do not be afraid.

First, make it a habit to make an outline for even simple writing. This outline will be our guide. From this outline, we will see what our writing will look like.

Then, start writing with honesty. Honest writing will help us to create a flowing story. Lies, hiding data or fact are a trap for ourselves.

If our writing is not satisfying, then read and read. Add more references. Imitating the style of diction choices of your favorite writer is not a sin. Eventually, our own style will emerge. The shorter we write, for example, releases, usually the more difficult it is, especially for information on social media. But this is the challenge. What is beautiful is simplicity.

We must also obey the other stages, namely editing. Be a good editor for yourself. This process will be a little bit sickening, especially when we’ve been struggling for a long time with our writing. But go through it. Have the heart to edit our own writing. Position ourselves as a reader. A good editor will make perfect even simple writing.

The key, write as interesting as possible. Bad or confusing writing only shows our way of thinking that is not straightforward in breaking down the themes to become simple. Our writing is our signature. Make it as fun as possible for our readers to enjoy it.

Get Rid of Nightmare

Still, think you can’t write? Get rid of that nightmare. This is a mandatory skill for PR practitioners like us. Because we are storytellers. And, writing is one of the ways to do it.

How to make good writing? Move your fingers to press on the keyboard. Start from one word and let the next word follow. We cannot judge whether the writing is good or bad if we never start writing our ideas.