Miscommunication Solutions

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, March 19, 2021
Salah satu upaya untuk bisa mengatasi miskomunikasi hingga krisis komunikasi yaitu kolaborasi secara aktif atau bisa disingkat KolaborAktif.

Actively communicating dynamically with various parties can have a positive impact, either for oneself, organizations or agencies. Dynamic communication becomes a line that connects members in a group. It generates communication dynamics. 

By: I Gede Alfian Septamiarsa, First Expert Public Relations Officer of the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of East Java Province 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  The dynamics of communication in a group is defined by Goldhaber as an activity carried out when two or more people convey messages face-to-face. They realize that other members in the group have a common interest which is stated as a goal to reach a mutual agreement. 

However, not all communications have a positive impact or mutual agreement. Suppose we communicate with other people but there are differences in perception. This can lead to mutual disagreement or miscommunication between the two parties. Not only personal, but these problems can also occur between organizations. Miscommunication can lead to disputes. 

Actually, miscommunication is a common thing in the communication process in every company. Communication within a company or organization involves many people from both the higher-ups and the subordinates. Miscommunication in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is defined as the wrong acceptance or wrong response of a communication. 

For example, Person A delivers a message to Person B. However, Person B doesn't get the message of Person A as a whole. Thus, this incident can be categorized as a miscommunication. In the end, miscommunication will have an impact on, for example, the low completion of the company's internal projects, and will have another impact on the company's business processes.