Tips for Brand to Stay Relevant in E-Commerce

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, November 04, 2020
Brand harus mampu bersaing di tengah industri e-dagang
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In the midst of increasingly competitive e-commerce industry, what is the brand strategy to be able to compete and continue to exist? 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  Almost all business actors market their products through e-commerce. Based on data submitted by, currently, there are 50 thousand official brands on Meanwhile, the total products sold reached more than 12 million products. It seems impossible to attract the attention of netizens in the midst of so many brands doing the same thing. 

Marien Deine, SVP Brand Management of offers several tips. According to her, what public relations (PR) practitioners should first do is find out how long it will take for a prospective customer to explore information (browsing). "On average, they spend about three minutes," she said when speaking at the 2020 Indonesian Content Marketing Forum (ICMF) talk show titled "The Brand Page's Playbook ", on Thursday (9/10/2020). 

Then, we think in reverse pyramid logic. "Use the 3C method, namely contents, click, and conversion," she said. It means, if the content is interesting, it will automatically invite lots of clicks. These clicks will lead to conversions or sales. 

So, to create interesting content, PR practitioners must create engaging and adaptive content. A brand must have a story to be a unique selling point (USP). In addition, interactive content is also of interest to the audience. For example, by frequently providing tips. These two things are then accompanied by promotional content to increase sales. 

Three Things 

According to Marien, in order for a brand to stand out, there are three things that must be considered. First, manage brand pages. "At, we have provided a section description template so brands can tell about themselves," added Marien. 

So, this feature must be used as well as possible. Here, brands can build story angles. For example, telling stories about brands that are environmentally friendly and brands that empower communities. 

Another important thing, explaining the variants and contents in one photo. "Don't forget to also highlight priority products," she said. 

Second, participate in live brand sessions. "This session is a live video session where brands can participate," she said. So, brands can directly interact with the audience. 

Third, take advantage of the promotional page. For example, brands need to know when a flash sale page is empty. So, they can create promotional content to increase sales. 

One brand that has successfully combined these three steps is Cotton Ink. "Together with them, we created a 360-degree campaign to introduce Cotton Ink on-line," she said. 

It's not enough to stop there, Cotton Ink and also made exclusive collections together. As a result, impressions increased 400 times and sales increased 800 percent. 

A similar thing was also experienced by the PTI cosmetics company which houses the Wardah, Make Over, and Emina brands. PTI and also drove online sales by creating exclusive products. In addition, PTI also collaborates on Blibli off-line events, customer gatherings, We the Fest, and collaborates with influencers. (rvh)