The Importance of Public Relations in Maintaining Credibility of Information

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, September 01, 2021
Pengelolaan agenda berbasis isu untuk melayani publik
Dok. Istimewa

Both public relations and the press have the same responsibility. Namely, both must maintain the credibility of information so that there is no disinformation or misinformation. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – The message above was emphasized by Mohammad Nuh, Chairman of the Press Council, when giving a key speech at the 2020 National Public Relations Convention (KNH) titled "Media and Social Responsibility: Media Interdependence and Convergence" on Saturday (5/12/2020). 

Therefore, it is important for both public relations and the press to master substance, not only convey it. "They also have to understand the language or every sentence they convey," he said. Another thing he underlined is the importance of public relations and the press in having a good understanding of digital literacy that is in accordance with the era. "If so, they will be a good bridge between the company and the public," he said. 

Especially for public relations, Nuh continued, do not only intend to convey products or policies. More than that, the intention is to educate the public. "So, whatever product you convey, the goal is to make people smarter," he said. 

Consequently, public relations must enrich themselves with data. Information alone cannot enrich the life of the nation, but it must involve knowledge. “Complete information can help people have broad knowledge and wisdom, namely, a combination of data and ethics,” said the man who previously served as Minister of Education.  


Public relations must also have a complete understanding. Nuh quotes Howard Gardner's book, 5 Minds for the Future. First is discipline mind, which means a mindset that relies on scientific disciplines. This mindset cannot be a reference for understanding a problem, therefore it is necessary to develop a synthesizing mind. Namely, a mindset that combines various points of view. 

In reality, these two things are not enough to solve the current problem. Moreover, currently there are many new problems for which the knowledge itself does not yet exist. Thus, it is necessary to develop a creating mind —a mindset that develops, relies on creativity, and breakthroughs. 

Creating mind has consequences such as differences or conflicts. "Because, not everyone can accept our creativity," he said. For that, a respectful mind is needed, a mindset that respects differences.  

There will be provocateurs to problems that will occur in the future. So, you need an ethical mind. “Ethics is beyond everything. If that can be done, the form of communication will be more convenient. Because there is modernity and respect," he concluded. (rha)