Issues Mitigation through Media Monitoring

PRINDONESIA.CO | Saturday, December 19, 2020
Media monitoring bermanfaat sebagai mitigasi isu
Dok. Istimewa

Media monitoring is not only aimed to find out news exposures about agencies/corporations in the media. More than that, it can be used as an issue/crisis mitigation.  

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Through media monitoring, agencies/corporations are able to find out talks, symptoms, or ‘attack’ of issues before they spread widely. “Framing varies, the issues are also varied. But it will be even harder if we find out later," said Nur Imroatus, Research Manager of PT Indonesia Indicator at the MAW Talk #19 on Friday (4/12/2012). 

There are two important benefits from the existence of media monitoring. As the name implies, monitoring and media. The relationship with the media is the current event, when it occurs, and what is wanted to happen. Meanwhile, monitoring can be used for many purposes. It is related to find out what will happen in the future. 

According to Iim, as Nur is familiarly called, when monitoring, there are 5W 1H in every news that should be of concern. What deals with collecting information about what happens. When, how is the development in various ranges. Where did it happen? Who developed the issue. And, how is the issue presented? 

Don't be Sensitive 

Iim said do not to get carried away with feelings when finding out the results of monitoring. Because there are times when the results of the collected media monitoring actually show negative voices. On the contrary, it must be seen that these are media facts that can influence public perceptions. 

From this output, we can mix the effects of the framing. For example, regional heads were attacked with personal issues. Respond calmly, say that the incident was handled properly. "We contrast it with the facts on the ground. If the facts in the field are to be made as media facts, then present them with data," she said. 

Iim also underlined that society needs a medium to unite opinions. Thus, the media cannot be separated from the public and publicity. The like button on news/information can also be an indicator to represent framing. While the existence of shares is to find out something that is of concern to the public/netizen. (rha)