Know Your Audience, Involve Them

PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Perubahan target audiens mengubah cara brand berkomunikasi
Dok. Istimewa

Currently, it is recorded that 60 percent of the population in Indonesia is under 30 years old. This change in target audience has also changed the way brands communicate. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  Therefore, Marianne Admardatine, CEO of H + K Strategies Indonesia, said before communicating the brand, make sure we have data and science. One of them is about what our products are, who the target consumers are, to what their expectations are.  

Moreover, the pandemic also changed consumer expectations of the brand, said Marianne while speaking at a talk show held virtually by the IABC titled "FMCG Business in the Pandemic: Understanding Consumers Expectation" on Thursday (19/11/2020). "Currently, consumers focus on goals and brand contributions to society," added Marianne. 

The way consumers perceive brands has also changed. "Consumers are becoming more concerned with how brands behave and take real action in doing good," she said. 

In addition, consumers want a brand that builds a dialogue with them. “Brands must be able to create conversations with consumers. Including, involving consumers to be able to take part when they take real action," she said.  

Marianne provides an example. For example, the company took concrete actions to help coffee farmers, starting from preserving the culture, lifestyle, to the history of coffee." Brands must be able to become environmental activists, more than just taking social responsibility actions," she said. "So, when the goal is conveyed to consumers, they buy products as a form of support for this movement," she concluded. (rha/rvh)