Rahayu Puspasari, Ministry of Finance: Empowering Ecosystems

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, November 05, 2020
Meski tak memiliki pengalaman dan latar belakang Ilmu Komunikasi atau PR, jangan pernah sekali-kali meragukan kemampuan Puspa.
Dok. Biro KLI Kemenkeu

Since Rahayu Puspasari served as Head of Communication and Information Bureau (KLI) of the Ministry of Finance, replacing Nufransa Wira Sakti, we have never once had the opportunity to meet her in person. Moreover, Puspa, as she is familiarly called, was inaugurated in March 2020, the month in which the first positive cases of Covid-19 were found in Indonesia. Apart from a busy schedule, the pandemic also forces us to reduce our outdoor activities. 


Rahayu Puspasari Head of Communication and Information Services Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – We greeted Puspa for the first time via WhatsApp when we asked for her willingness to become one of the interviewees for the Main Story rubric. Not long after that, we had the opportunity to see her, although only through a video presentation during the JAMPIRO #6 judging session. Puspa may not know that she was one of the few participants who received praise from the judges. The video also led her to win the Gold trophy. We then greeted her again, still via WhatsApp. This time to be on the cover of the magazine as well as the interviewee for the Interview rubric of the September edition. 

One thing was for sure, Puspa was earnest every time she stated her willingness to be interviewed, even though she has an extraordinarily busy schedule.  Let alone meeting in person, arranging an online interview was really tough. This time, she proved her sincerity by taking the initiative to send the answer through audio. She answered our questions as much as possible through a voice recorder in her spare time whether at work, after jogging, or at night after work. There were times when we could feel that day she was tired by the sound of her voice. 

Before joining the KLI Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, Puspa was first known as the President Director of the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN). Who would have thought, after meeting with Sri Mulyani, the Minister of Finance, during the inauguration of the LMAN Building, she was asked to join the Ministry of Finance team.