Afifudin, IndiHome: Orchestrating Empathic Communication

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, September 02, 2021
Manajemen memberikan kepercayaan penuh kepada marketing communication untuk menjaga reputasi dan persepsi IndiHome melalui tim PR. Tim PR berperan sebagai the guardian of reputation IndiHome.

It was 4 on the afternoon when PR INDONESIA met Afifudin at the coffee shop in the Telkom Landmark Tower office, Jakarta on Monday (31/5/2021). Afifudin greeted us warmly. This was the first time we met Afifudin. Even though it was conducted face-to-face, the interview which lasted for almost two hours still felt engaging by prioritizing health protocols. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – In the conversation, he shared that the pandemic had given IndiHome its own wisdom. Moreover, it is undeniable that IndiHome is one of the service products from Telkom that has received the most attention during the pandemic. Its existence is increasingly needed when all humans in the country are forced to do more activities from home. On the other hand, customer demands and expectations for IndiHome are also getting bigger. 

Afifudin is not the least bit awkward in facing new and unexpected challenges and dynamics during the pandemic. In fact, he does not have an educational background in Communication Studies. However, since receiving the mandate from IndiHome's Head of Marketing Communication in charge of marketing and communication, he admitted that he immediately fell in love. The reason is that these two sciences are broad. Meanwhile, the digital world continues to grow. He is challenged to keep learning. To Ratna Kartika from PR INDONESIA, Afifudin shared his story. 

What impact did IndiHome have on operations and business during the pandemic? 

The pandemic has changed all the habits of society. Home is now the center of all activity. The need for broadband internet access is certainly increasing. This condition has an impact on IndiHome.  

Based on April 2021 data, when compared to before the work from home (WFH) and learn from home (LFH) activities, there was a significant increase. Namely, e-commerce usage rose to 156 percent, game access grew 78 percent, communication use such as chat and video conferencing increased 73 percent, while education rose 32.4 percent. 

IndiHome as Indonesia's internet continues to strive to meet the digital needs of Indonesian people from urban to remote areas. Due to the huge need for the internet, by the end of 2020, IndiHome subscribers were recorded to reach 8.02 million with an increase of 14.5% YoY. Or, there were 1.01 million new subscribers during the pandemic.