The Five Elements of Measuring PR Scores

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Ada lima unsur penting dalam mengukur skor PR
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Actually, the PR score is measured from several elements. Starting from the media tier, the location of the brand or campaign mentioned, the messages taken, quotes, and photos.

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – According to Aurellio Kaunang, co-founder and Business Director of Publicio, the PR score is an objective assessment of the quality of articles and the effectiveness of public relations efforts in conveying messages through media channels. 

There are five important elements in measuring a PR score, which includes the media tier, location of the brand or campaign mentioned, messages taken, quotes, and photos. "Later, each will be given a score and added up to measure the overall PR score," said the man who is familiarly called Rio in the APPRIentice webinar on Friday (16/10/2020).   

First, the media tier. Usually, the division consists of tiers one, two, or three. The determination of the tier is different for each company. It depends on the audience segment and the media they are targeting. "If the news is published in tier 1, then the score is 1. On the other hand, if it is published in tier 2 and 3 media, the score will be lower by 0.7 or 0.3," he said. 

Second, mentioning/writing the location of the brand or campaign. If the brand name or campaign is written in the title and article, then the score is 1. If the brand name or campaign is only mentioned in the title, the score is 0.7. Meanwhile, if the brand name and campaign are only mentioned in the article, the score is 0.3. 

Third, the message that is retrieved. For example, if there are three key messages and all three are written in the article, the score is 1. However, if the article contains only one of the three key messages, the score is 0.3. 

Fourth quotes from sources. "If the source's quote is in the article, then the score is 1," Rio added. Fifth, photos. "If the photo used in the article is a photo related to our campaign, the score is 1," he said. 

Later these five things will be added up. The result will be multiplied by the article tonality. "Now, if our news is positive, the score is 1," he said. So, it can be concluded that the most perfect score for the PR score is 5. 

PR Value Measurement 

Unlike the PR score, the PR value is a quantitative value converted from PR performance based on the campaign/promotion exposure resulting from articles published in each media channel. "The goal is to measure the effectiveness of investing in PR activities," said Rio. 

The way to calculate it is to multiply the PR score, article tonality, and the value of media advertising. "To calculate the value of media advertisements in print media, the method is to multiply the size of the article by the ad rate," he said.

Meanwhile, to calculate the value of online media advertising is to multiply the article's pageview by the e-Cost per mille (eCPM). "Usually, we will make the assumption of article pageviews by calculating the total page views per month divided by the total articles published per month," he concluded. (rvh)