IPRS 2020: A Call for PR to Keep Moving and Be Optimistic

PRINDONESIA.CO | Sunday, November 08, 2020
Kreatif adalah cara agar PR dapat terus maju di tengah ketidakpastian

The 2020 International Public Relations Summit (IPRS) was officially closed on Wednesday (10/28/2020). The event which lasted for three days was expected to be a wake-up call for PR practitioners whose industries/organizations are affected by the pandemic and global dynamics. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO –  The statement above is stated by Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, founder of IPRS, when closing the grand event for PR practitioners worldwide which had been held on-line from 25 - 28 October 2020. 

To all participants, the woman who is also the founder of EGA Briefings hoped that all PR actors would continue to move forward in a better future after the pandemic. "It's better not to wait for the rain to stop, but try to enjoy the rain," she concluded. 

According to Ega, as Elizabeth is familiarly known, the way that PR can move forward in the midst of uncertainty is by being creative. In addition, continue to conduct research and experiments by utilizing and maximizing the existence of digital technology. In this way, PR can carry out directed communication to gain public trust based on the aspect of social engagement. Ega also encouraged PR practitioners to participate in spreading optimism. 

Meanwhile, José Manuel Velasco from the Global Alliance compiled at least 12 principles of communication that public relations practitioners hold by, such as think about the impact on the organization before communicating. Second, think realistically based on facts. Third, use clear language to avoid misperception and dramatization.  

Fourth, include an element of hope in communicating. Fifth, spread examples of good behavior. Sixth, identify other people's emotions. Seventh, in communicating or delivering messages, make sure they come from trusted sources. Eighth, avoid spreading fake news. Make sure we are among those who are critical about the certainty of sources of information.    

Ninth, do not separate networks with messages. Tenth, don't spend time criticizing each other's public communications by other people/agencies. Instead, cooperate with them and prove what is best. 

Eleventh, help the media by providing accurate and fast information. And the 12th, add some appropriate humor. (rha)