Facing Company Crisis in the 5.0 Era

PRINDONESIA.CO | Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Blue Bird akan maksimalkan era digital untuk komunikasikan pelayanan pelanggan
Rizqi/PR Indonesia

BANDUNG, PRINDONESIA.CO – Amelia Nasution, Marketing Director of PT Bule Bird Tbk, acknowledge this issue. In front of the participant of the 2019 PR INDONESIA Awards (2019) conference session with the theme “The Role of Public Relations in 5.0 Era” in Bandung on Tuesday (26/03/2019), she acknowledge that the phenomenon of digitalization had put Blue Bird in a crisis. People considered Blue Bird as a conventional mode of transportation. This was not in line with the time and prevented a change in online transportation trend. Amelia did not waste this opportunity to share the experience to get companies out of a crisis. Here are the tips:

Challenges in the Digital Era

According to Amelia, the first step in facing a crisis is to evaluate the challenges faced by the company. With changes that are occurring rapidly in the digital era, long-term plans can’t be used anymore. Company’s public relations (PR) strategy needs to be reviewed frequently, whether it’s still relevant or not. In addition, companies need to understand the pattern of social media users who increasingly demand speed and perfection. The digital era is also inseparable from big data. Every activity on the internet is a source of data to provide information to customers. With this big data, customers can easily be exposed to information about the company’s competitors. Companies need to analyze the competition that occurs and turn it to strength.

In terms of transportation service providers, the competition is a price preposition, namely trying to give the lowest price to customers. However, Blue Bird cannot do this strategy. Well, here is the role of PR practitioners: building image and designing a message that can overcome the crisis as well as making customers to be sure to keep choosing Blue Bird as a reliable provider of transportation services.

Manage Messages

According to Amelia Nasution, the key step to dealing with a crisis is managing messages. Shortly after the crisis, Blue Bird released a video which content acknowledged its weakness, imperfection and the need of more learning. Based on this matter, they invited people to walk together. This message is emphasized continuously and from time to time through various programs and campaigns.

Maximizing Technology and Humanity

After facing a crisis related to digital technology, Blue Bird PR practitioners made a communication strategy about the company's seriousness to prioritize emotional relations between the customers and the company. "Data and technology alone are not enough, they must be mated with humanity," Amelia said.

This message is manifested in an internal story video. The video tells about the company's journey that does not only stop when the customer arrives at the destination. More than that, it continues to the life of the Blue Bird drivers through free pilgrimage programs and scholarships for their children. "We call it life investment," Amelia said.

Engaging Customers

Utilizing digital technology provides a lot of convenience for Blue Bird. In a short time, the company can receive customers' aspirations through social media. The incoming data can be expressions of feelings, desires, and appreciation from customers. With this data, the company which has been operating since 1972 launched a co-creation campaign or the creation of creative works by raising the true story of the customers.


Collaborating as much as possible is an effective way to keep up with the latest developments of digital technology, especially collaborating with companies that use digital technology as a service. With collaboration, the company led by Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo as the President Director of Blue Bird Group can expand the customer coverage, facilitate access and provide more complete facilities for customers. In conclusion, the development of digital technology and the era of 5.0 do not prevent Blue Bird from staying afloat while continuing to learn and develop. Amelia stressed that her company will maximize this digital era to strengthen the message and commitment of Blue Bird to serve customers and humanize humans better. (den)