Who are the 2020 PRIA Platinum Winners?

PRINDONESIA.CO | Monday, April 20, 2020
Platinum adalah apresiasi tertinggi yang diberikan kepada peserta dengan jumlah trofi terbanyak.
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The 2020 PR INDONESIA Awards (PRIA) that was held via YouTube live streaming has just ended. These are the institutions/corporations that won the highest award, the Platinum Award. Who are they? The 2020 PR INDONESIA Awards (PRIA) that was held via YouTube live streaming has just ended. These are the institutions/corporations that won the highest award, the Platinum Award. Who are they?

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Give the highest appreciation to Gadjah Mada University (Higher Education), PT Bank Pembangunan Jawa Timur Tbk (ROE and Regional Company), PT Petrokimia Gresik (SOE Subsidiary), PT Pertamina (SOE), Danone Indonesia (Private), Bank Indonesia (Institution), the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Ministry), DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Provincial Government), and Semarang City Government (Regency and City Government).

Platinum is the highest award given to the participants with the highest number of trophies. (The number of each trophy can be accessed in the PR INDONESIA e-magazine 61/April 2020 Edition).

The best presenter of 2020 PRIA. They are Muhammad Ihwan, Petrokimia Gresik (SOE Subsidiary), Trisnadi Yulrisman, Sarana Multigriya Finansial (SOE), David Mario Theoreza H, Jenius BTPN (Private), Bend Abidin Santosa, Directorate General of State Assets (Ministry), Leidena Sekar Nagari, House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (Institution), Rinaldi, DKI Jakarta One Door Integrated Service (Provincial Government), and Wing Winarso, Semarang City Government (Regency and City Government).

This year, the 2020 PRIA was enlivened by 543 entries. This number increased from the previous year which there were only 476 entries. The judging session for the presentation session was held on March 3-5, 2020. The judging session for the non-presentation session was held on February 23-25, 2020. The two judging sessions were held in Jakarta which was done by at least 13 judges, ranging from senior PR, international journalist, senior academics, to PR Guru.

The fifth PR INDONESIA Awards is the most comprehensive public relations (PR) competition in Indonesia. The competition which has been held since 2016 has been participated by more than 100 corporations and organizations which consist of ministries, institutions, SOEs, SOE subsidiaries, ROEs, regional companies, private companies, and provincial/city/regional governments.

The highlight of the 2020 PRIA took place online via YouTube streaming. Asmono said, without reducing the value and meaning, the online version of the PRIA Awards is the most possible solution in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. “This is also to obey the government’s call so that we all carry out our activities and work from home,” he added.

The Best

The judges agreed that all participants had presented their best PR works in 2019. Janette Maria Pinariya, the judge of PR Program and PR Department category, who is also the LSPR Dean of PR, Marketing Communication, and International Relations, highlighted three points in this year’s PRIA competition, such as improvement, many innovations, and more colorful. For Janette, the best participant is those who are able to show the uniqueness and characteristics of each program and their PR department.

Meanwhile, Adita Irawati, Special Staff of the Minister of Transportation, who was also the judge of the same category, had a mixed feeling. “I am proud. After being a judge in this event, I can be sure that right now PR in Indonesia has gained a strategic position in each of their own institution/company,” she said.

This is reflected from their programs that are getting more creative and innovations that are out of the box. Especially when there are participants from the government public relations (GPR) who are able to show the quality that is equivalent to their colleagues in the corporation. “For me, that is an achievement. Especially coming from the regional government,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kriss, a judge for Brand Guideline, Digital Channel, and Owned Media category, who is also the Account Director of DM ID viewed that several participants who came from ROE actually have a better understanding of branding. “In terms of the target market and communication strategy, ROEs can indeed be said not too big. But, from the way they pack it, it looks much more compact, fun, and interesting. It makes us want to read again and again,” said Jonathan.

Noke Kiroyan, President Commissioner and Chief Consultant of Kiroyan Partners, who was a judge for the Public Relations Governance, Annual Report, and Crisis Management (Pre-Crisis and Crisis) category, saw a wide gap between participants in the Public Relations Governance category. “There are some that are comprehensive, adequate, and even concerning,” he admitted. Meanwhile, for the Annual Report category, he saw that the quality of public company and SOE is the same. “The difference is thin,” he added.

Specifically, in the Community Based Development category, the judges agreed that the programs presented tend to be similar and lack innovation. For example, in striving for communities around the corporation to be more empowered and independent, they generally only focus on making products.

Although, judge Salman Noersiwan, Communication Director International Society of Sustainability Professionals, said that it’s time for the company to be involved in building a brand. So that it’s more interesting in terms of marketing and the products are even more valuable.

Congratulations to the winners of 2020 PRIA. Thank you to those who have supported this event. See you next year!