Aryo Hendarto, COO of Trans Media Sosial: Early Failure is Better

PRINDONESIA.CO | Thursday, October 15, 2020
Bisnis tidak lagi bekerja seperti dulu—menebar paku di jalan. Sebaliknya, layaknya seorang sniper.
Dok. TMS

At a time when corporations/agencies, including PR, see data as very important, the existence of a big data analytics company such as PT Trans Media Sosial (TMS) is like an oasis in the midst of a pandemic. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Especially, to find out and read the needs of stakeholders when almost everyone is active through their devices. Yes, in the midst of limited space during the pandemic, social media and digital technology have become a “friend” for so many people. It is always ready to help whenever we want information and entertainment. Including, helping us to always stay connected and networked, to facilitate work and shopping. 

This sign was observed by Chairul Tandjung long before the pandemic. To be precise, in 2017. “Society cannot be separated from social media. On the other hand, we see social media as a communication bridge between our products and customers," said Aryo Hendarto, Chief Operating Officer of TMS, to PR INDONESIA virtually on Thursday (7/9/2020). 

Initially, the existence of TMS was used to maximize all CT Corp business lines. Thus, the entire corporate ecosystem can be familiar and engaging with each customer. In early 2019, the company, which focuses on digital social media and big data analytics, began to open opportunities for collaboration and serve the needs of clients outside of CT Corp. Primarily, to assist agencies/corporations wishing to carry out on-line to off-line