William P. Sabandar, MRT Jakarta: More Than Just a Transportation Business

PRINDONESIA.CO | Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Konsep besar transformasi bisnis MRT Jakarta terdiri atas tiga komponen. Yakni, beyond ridership, beyond physical mobility, dan beyond transport network.

The whole world sees COVID-19 as a threat, but it is not the case for William P. Sabandar. The President Director of PT MRT Jakarta (Persero) sees it as an opportunity. He believes every organization has its own way of adapting and innovating. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – Although, William admits that the pandemic has had a huge impact on MRT business operations. Especially at that time, the MRT was just operating and was building branding and reputation. “During the pandemic, the number of MRT passengers did experience a contraction of up to 73 percent. From what initially reached 100 thousand passengers, now it only reaches 27 thousand passengers per day,” said William who was met virtually by PR INDONESIA on Thursday (4/2/2021). 

This condition was clearly disturbing. However, he believed every organization has its own way of adapting and being able to survive in the midst of a crisis such as a pandemic. Even with the MRT Jakarta. The key, said William, is to innovate and transform. The engineer who is known as an expert in transportation and post-disaster reconstruction called it transforming business beyond normal. 

The grand concept of MRT Jakarta's business transformation consists of three components. First, beyond ridership. This means MRT Jakarta is not only relying on business income from ticket sales, but also by utilizing other components, such as revenue from advertising, retail, telecommunications, naming rights, to digital ticketing.