Basuki Purwadi, President Director of LMAN: Moving Forward with the Young Generation

PRINDONESIA.CO | Fridau, September 03, 2021
Basuki melihat ada dua karakteristik generasi Z. Yang pertama, generasi ini identik dengan kecepatan. Kedua, tersedianya ruang kreativitas.

Who would have thought that 80 percent of the employees at the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) are Generation Z? A lot of hope rests on this generation. 

JAKARTA, PRINDONESIA.CO – As an institution that will only be six years old in December, it's not surprising that not many people are familiar with its existence. In fact, the role and function of the non-echelon Public Service Agency (BLU) under the Directorate General of State Assets, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. Especially among Generation Z. 

This condition is actually an opportunity to accelerate. Moreover, Generation Z is the generation of productive age and the nation's successor. Don't be surprised, this institution opens up great opportunities for the younger generation, especially Gen Z, to get involved together in building an institution that is still very young. Until today, 80 percent of employees at this institution are Gen Z. 

Yes, this institution was born from a background of using state assets that were not yet fully optimal, especially regarding state assets that were idle at that time. So, with the flexibility of the BLU owned by LMAN, it is expected to accelerate the process of optimizing the idea assets. 

The large number of fleets from the younger generation has forced Basuki Purwadi, the President Director of the State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) to adapt. For him, the adaptation is not only to understand the characteristics of employees from the Gen Z circle. More than that, he got the mandate right at a time when this country is in the most difficult situation, namely the COVID-19 pandemic, which is full of dynamics.